Hi! My name is Misako Toda and I live in Kyoto, Japan.
I'm a miniature bear artist. (My artist name : Misa J. Lilac)

◆ about brand's name

くまのさだきち On the 18th April 2008, a friend of mine gave me a lilac-coloured little bear.
His name is Kumano Sadakichi. He is a "Samurai" bear :)
Another friend made some Japanese traditional clothes (men's kimono, hakama, haori etc.) for him. Sadakichi always carries a Japanese sword "katana" on him, he looks like very cool.
I'm started to make miniature bears by the time I met him.

You can see some pictures of Sadakichi in Gallery page.

◆ about me

I have been making miniature bears since 2010. I had never learned to make teddy bears before then, so I bought a book on making miniature bears. It's very fun and I couldn't wait to get started making my original bears.
Not only Teddy Bear, I produce original jewellery for mens and ladies since 2014. I am interested in the Scandinavian and the British history and culture very much. So my works are inspired by the Celtic and the Viking's arts.

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Misa / Lilac Bear

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